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Available Features:

With WooCommerce available for Shop

Doctors page

  • Profile page for Doctors or members with bunch of features as information of the members
  • General information of the members in metabox form:
  • Position
  • Department
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Office
  • Work days
  • Email
  • Service
  • Training
  • Social media icons
  • Work experience metabox form with calendar to fill out the time duration
  • Formal educations metabox form with calendar to fill out the time duration
  • Practice schedules metabox form with clock to set up the practice schedule






More Features:

Department page

  • Department information with information of Head department
  • Information for the members of the Department
  • Header display
  • Slogan
  • Banner display image
  • Author of the Department
  • Position in the Department
  • Display teasers with flip style
  • Unlimited colors for the thumbnail color
  • Additional extra plugin for icons save $15
  • Promotional media with ability to show video
  • Service box to show service of the department

Service Page

  • Services information with option from which department
  • Price for the service with worldwide currency options available
  • Service schedule include location
  • Clock to set up time for the service
  • List of Days to be chose by just click on it for the service
  • Members or doctors available to be chose from members
  • Stunning looks image display for the service page
  • Icons available for the thumbnail

Timetable Page

  • Set up timetable easily
  • Timetable look organize and easy to understand
  • Ability to set by weekly 7 days a week
  • Options to choose date practice and schedule
  • Options to choose Department
  • Options to choose Members
  • Options to choose Service
  • Options to choose location or place of the practice
  • Easy fill out forms base on shift
  • Clock to set the time of practice with just click on it
  • Icons available for the thumbnail


For related support questions, kindly check this link below:

  • Supports are available by submitting tickets to our support team

Update History

Version 4.x-1.9.0

  • Compatibility with PHP 7.2
  • Updated WooCommerce Templates
  • Added Category mode for shop
  • Updating VC to latest version

Update History

Version 4.x-1.3.1

This is major update for fixing visual composer with WP 4.5

  • Updated Visual Composer to latest version with compatibility with WP 4.5
  • Fixed Social Widget missing rows bug
  • Fixed slick slider broken due to javascript missing slick object bug
  • Moving to core latest init factory
  • Fix customizer breaking bug
  • Updated VC Row template to match the latest bundled VC
  • Improve speed loading by dynamically loading actions and filter classes
  • Fixed font factory wont load google font properly bug
  • Improve schema factory loading speed
  • Improve translation files to load every possible wordpress translation function
  • Improve asset loader performance by supplying asset cache array
  • Updated woocommerce to the latest version

Version 4.x-1.2.0

This is an improvement update mostly for mobiles sites and speed improvement.

  • Updated core to 4.x-1.7.39 for various bugs and speed improvement
  • Updated to VisualComposer 4.9.2
  • Updated all dependencies plugin
  • Fix resize events causes slow loading on mobile
  • Added features allowing carousel to be disabled while on mobile for faster performance
  • Added deferred method for isotope
  • Improved demo import content for faster demo import

Version 4.x-1.1.0

This is a major update, mostly to VC 4.9 and WP 4.4, Please test in development server first before applying it to production site.

  • Updated core to 4.x-1.7.33 for fixing memory set to 128MB by mistake and compatibility with WP 4.4
  • Initial attempt to be compatible with VisualComposer 4.9
  • Updated all dependencies plugin that uses Widget since WP 4.4 can break widget form field name

Version 4.x-1.0.6

  • Fix bug customizer not saving features
  • Improve slick carousel while in vertical mode + centering
  • Updated Victheme_Core plugin for several bug issue and improvement